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We specialize in offering the best quality Hawaiian dresses and aloha shirts at are passionate about providing great service! Colorful vibrant Aloha wear are synonymous with a fun and casual attitude that embodies life in Hawaii. Our goal is to share the Aloha spirit and happiness with you through genuine Hawaiian clothing and give you a taste of Hawaii wherever you are around the world!

Free Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for some tropical sundresses for a beach wedding? When you order your matching shirts and dresses for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you get your Hawaiian wedding dress for FREE! Check out our collection of beach wedding dresses to choose a style then contact us to let us know what you will be ordering or if you have any questions. In addition to our collection of special white beach wedding dresses and muumuus, our selection of matching Hawaiian clothes make perfect outfits for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer and flower girl.

About Our Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts

We offer a full range of Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses and muumuus. We also specialize in customer business-to-business bulk orders for companies, schools and organizations. We can even embroider your logo for you.

Made in Hawaii Clothing

Most of our Aloha shirts and Hawaiian sundresses are made in Hawaii in much the same way as they have since the 1930s. But today, just as it was back then, our locally made Hawaiian clothing is made with precision, care, and pride so when you buy a dress or shirt from us, you know you're getting the genuine piece of Hawaiian clothing.