Chili Pepper Water

(By Stephanie L. Dela Cruz)

Chili Pepper WaterChili pepper water is a classic local condiment used to spice and flavor local dishes and can be found in many homes throughout the islands. If you enjoy hot sauce on different foods, this is a delicious item to have on hand. There are variations on what people put in their chili pepper water, but the main ingredients are local chili peppers, Hawaiian salt, garlic, and water.


2 c. water (preferably bottled)

1 Tbs. Hawaiian or Kosher salt

7 whole Thai bird chile peppers (red), thinly sliced

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 Tbs. white vingear


In small saucepan bring water to boil. Add salt, stir until dissolved then add in chiles, garlic, and vinegar. Let boil for 1-2 minutes then remove from heat and place into clean jar or container. Can be used right away but tastes best if you make it a day ahead. Keeps for about a week. Store in refrigerator.