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Original Sweet Potato and Taro Chip Mix

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  • The Hawaiian Chip Company produces some of the tastiest sweet potato and taro chips in the world. This begins with selecting the highest quality produce available in Hawaii. Every taro and sweet potato is inspected and peeled by hand before making its way to the slicing machine. After slicing, the chips are cooked in small batches at carefully monitored temperatures to create perfect texture and crunch. The chips are cooked in canola oil which is trans-fat free making it a healthier option to most other chips. Finally, a variety of custom blended spices are added to make these chips a delicious snack anytime.

    Our Original Flavor Taro Chips mixed together with both the purple sweet potato and golden sweet potato chips.

    All Natural
    Made in Hawaii
    0% Trans Fat

    Sold as a 4-pack or a 12-pack (case). Each bag weighs 4 ounces.

    SHIPPING DETAILS: All chips are shipped via US Priority Mail for US customers. Not available for export.

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