Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts Photo Galleries

Customer Hawaiian Shirt Gallery
Customers from around the world have sent us photos of them wearing our fun Hawaiian clothing at various events. Here are just a few fun pics.
Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts Photos at Sand Island
Sand Island is located just across Honolulu Harbor in downtown Honolulu. At this photo shoot, Lindsay, Sondra and Dave modeled an assortment of Hawaiian dresses, shirts and other outfits.
Hawaiian Clothing Photoshoot at Sharks Cove
At a photo shoot at Shark's Cove on the North Shore, Angel, Jason and Casey had fun modeling assorted Hawaiian dresses and aloha shirts. Photographer Geralyn Camarillo of Hokulii Images did her usual fine work and got the models to relax and have fun.
Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts Photoshoot at Keiki Beach
On a weird sunny then cloudy summer day, we made the best of it and snapped a few pics of our models in various styles including Hawaiian beach wedding outfits and an assortment of summer dresses and Aloha shirts. Everyone seemed to enjoy the shave ice treat on the way to the beach.
Hawaiian Dresses Gallery
Our Hawaiian dresses galleries feature different styles of dresses being worn by our models. It can be tricky trying to visualize how a dress will look on a person when looking at a picture of the dress online. We hope these pictures give you a better idea of how the different styles look before you make your selection.
Hawaiian Shirts Gallery
Browse our Hawaiian shirts gallery where we have pictures of some of our more popular shirts. Sometimes it is easier to decide what shirt is right for you when you see what it actually looks like on a person.
Hawaiian Wedding Dresses Gallery
Hawaii has always been a popular wedding destination. Many couples today are opting for casual beach style weddings, whether they are getting married in Hawaii or not. Our special white-on-white Hawaiian print dresses and matching shirts are are made for just such an occasion.
Sondra's Hawaiian Dress Gallery
Sondra models a variety of Hawaiian dresses including several beach wedding dresses and accessories. She has a contagious cheerful personality which really shines through in our photo shoots creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the crew and other models.
Lindsay's Hawaiian Dress Gallery
In this gallery, Lindsay models various Hawaiian dresses, tops, bottoms, and Hawaiian beach wedding dresses. Lindsay is from Dallas and lived on the famous North Shore of Oahu near the town of Haleiwa for about a year. Since she lived across the street from the beach, this Texas girl quickly became a Hawaiian Beach girl and even learned how to surf. Her smiley personality and pleasant down-to-earth demeanor made working with her an absolute joy.
Angel's Hawaiian Dress Gallery
Angel was our model for our first photoshoot and has been in several of our photoshoots over the years. Her half Japanese-half Caucasian ethnicity gives her a range of different looks which is particularly useful when modeling clothing as diverse in color and design as Hawaiian dresses and shirts.