Price Matching Guarantee

Price Match Program

We strive to offer you the best price and value (free shipping) in the world and we ask for your help to keep it that way. If you find the same product at a lower price that's in stock at another website, we will beat that price by 10% of the difference between their price and ours.


Place your order online with us. Email us within 24 hours that you want a price match with a link to the product on another site where you found the better price. BETTER YET, if you see an item in our store at a better price on a competitor's website, follow the 3 simple steps below and send us a link to the product on the competing site before you order from us. We'll get back to you quickly to confirm the price match guarantee if we have the item in stock.

Please note that the product must be identical, which means the same size and color, and the product must be in stock at the competitor's site. Also, the price match must include the cost of shipping & handling that the competitor is charging you as we already offer free shipping on all US orders via the US Postal Service.

You can email us via our contact form or reach us via the customer chat button at the left of the screen to get the price match.


1. Link to the item on our website. (example:
2. Item name and a link to the item on a competitor's website. (example:
3. Competitor's price including shipping. (for example: $54.00)

We're sure you probably thought of this (because this is what we first thought) but when doing the Price Match, you cannot combine it with coupon codes or with a competitor's promotion.


- Items on auctions sites like Ebay
- Clearance or seasonal discounts of 40% or more
- Items that are not sold at Don't laugh.
- Prices of companies based outside the United States
- Ukuleles or wedding bands. Don't blame us on this one.
- Gift cards
- More than 2 of any single item
- Items being purchased for resale or bulk orders

OK, enough of the harsh reality details. The bottom line is this. We WANT to give you the best price possible and it is our goal to make you the happiest person on earth. We just gotta be reasonable so we aren't exploited. We know 99% of you out there are honest good people. We don't want to let the mean people who make up 1% ruin it for the rest of you. Like Spock told Captain Kirk, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." (random movie quote)