Shoyu Ahi PokePoke (poe-kay) is a Hawaiian dish that originally consisted of fresh fish, sea salt, limu (lee-moo) (seaweed), inamona (ee-nuh-moe-nuh) (kukui nut paste) and fresh chili pepper. Today there are many different variations to pick from such as octopus, mussels, or tofu! You might see poke with soy sauce, fiery chili paste, garlic, or wasabi.

Like any dish with a long history, people have their preference about their favorite kind of poke. I say if it looks good, eat it!

Ahi Shoyu Poke (Yield 4-6 servings)


2 lbs. Ahi Tuna steaks (sashimi grade)

1 c. Soy sauce (Kikkoman or Aloha)

1 c. Thinly sliced Vidalia or Maui onion

1/2 c. Thinly sliced green onion

2 tsp. Sesame oil

1-2 tsp. thinly sliced red Thai chili pepper or 1tsp dried red chili flake (optional)


Cut Ahi Tuna into 1 inch cubes and place into large bowl. Add soy sauce & sesame oil, then toss gently to coat. Add rest of ingredients and combine well, cover and refrigerate a minimum of 30 minutes for flavors to develop. Serve cold