Natural Surf Powered Water Spout

The Halona Blow Hole located on the Makapuu Coast of Oahu is the last lookout point before you get to Sandy Beach (coming from Waikiki). It is easily the most well-known and visited of the several blow holes around the state. On some days when the waves and conditions are just right, Blow Hole will easily blast ocean spray a hundred feet into the air with a thunderous whoosh at hurricane wind speeds. Yes, it can be dangerous and even deadly if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if you stay in the public viewing area, you'll be perfectly safe.

If you visit this lookout point, you also might want to check out the beach down the hill on the right side of the viewing area. That beach is called Halona Cove and it is the same beach from the movie "From Here to Eternity". There's a pretty cool cave in the base of the rocks which you can see in this video. The beach looks a lot smaller in person than it did in the movie. But I guess most things do on the big screen.