Wedding Flower Matching Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses

Make it a male'ana (wedding) to remember with a sunset blazing in pinks, oranges and purples behind you, gentle waves of water lapping at your bare toes and the scent of fragrant tropical flowers wafting through the air as your family and closest friends share this special moment with you.

Wedding Flower Ruffle Shoulder Muumuu
Regular Price: $94.00
Spring Sale: $79.00
Wedding Flower Boy's Hawaiian Shirt
Regular Price: $29.00
Spring Sale: $24.65

Our matching wedding flower Hawaiian-style shirts and wedding flower ruffle-shouldered muumuus will complement any bride or groom who are exchanging vows island-style. These Hawaiian wedding attire styles feature white-on-white all-over, 100 percent cotton prints that display the white silhouettes of greenery and palm fronds. You can imagine rustling of the palms in the gentle Island breeze. The outline of the hibiscus flower adds a special island accent - it is cherished as the state flower of Hawaii.

Our elegant Hawaiian-style muumuu dress is a spin on traditional Hawaiian wedding dresses, and has beautiful ruffle details on its off-the-shoulder sleeves and its hemline. This flattering dress can be worn for your special day and long after! For the kane (man), choose our white wedding flower button-down shirt made with real coconut buttons.

Our matching wedding-style sets have a flattering, cool and crisp style that will make your aloha-style themed wedding even more special.